To celebrate the first anniversary of Desperate ApeWives, we at Wagmi Delight Lab wanted to create something very special for the community. 

You will be the first NFT holders to get a unique beer can that we won’t ever produce again. It’s a New England IPA, craft brewed in Belgium.

We can’t disclose everything yet, but trust us when we say that if you choose to purchase one of the 100 Pink Hands below, what you’re buying will not just be the physical cans but you will also get a - well uhmm - digital collectible with future perks. 

Now it’s up to you, to drink or not to drink?

6 beers with a
limited edition holder

We will produce only one hundred (100!) 3D printed Pink Hands can holders, each one numbered on the inside of the palms. The purchase of this collectible will be rewarded with an NFT with future perks.

First come first served! 

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6 beers to celebrate
with friends

Get your beer cans now and celebrate the DAW anniversary with your friends. 


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