Our mission

Helping NFT holders capitalize on their IP, by bringing these NFTs into the physical world.


What better product can we think of to start this adventurous mission than quality craft beers, 101 tied to NFTs?

Our WAGMI beer cans are designed to be the firestarter for deep dialogues around crypto, art, and life. In both physical and virtual worlds, obviously.


It would make zero sense to create a web3 beer brand that doesn’t delight the consumer.

We’re web3 founders that happen to be born in Belgium, the birthplace of over 3K different beers. So yeah, we think we know a thing or two about beers.

We brewed a 6.2% New England IPA. And we’re just getting started.

Trust us, you will love buzzed you.

Utility & monetization

One beer brand, many different limited collectibles. Holders will be able to upload their NFT and forge it into a unique physical six-pack, home delivered.

But there’s more. We are constructing a mechanism that allows holders to capitalize on their blue chip NFTs. Creating a popular limited edition Wagmi beer will allow you to become a stakeholder and make profit of the beer sales.


NFT communities are like digital campfires: people with different backgrounds gather around a common theme and become virtual family members.

We want to create a gateless platform that transcends specific NFT projects and unites all hearts and minds of those building together.

A place where newbies will also be able to discover NFTs and buy into curated collections, all while becoming the new owner of an NFT that comes with physical goodies.


We’re all gonna make it. Let’s shape the web3 future together.